Training Primary Stats

The first part to training involves your hero's primary stats, such as strength, quickness, etc. To train these stats, the hero must devote time focusing on becoming stronger, faster, smarter, more spiritual, etc. This investment of time comes from the use of a training point. Each class has primary statistics that they are better or worse at training. The difference is highlighted in color as demonstrated below for the Bandit class:

As you can see above, bandits have a harder time training strength, spirit, and appeal as noted by the red coloring, while quickness and cunning are easier to train for them as noted by the green coloring. Vitality is neither easier or harder for them to train as they receive no bonus or penalty to it from the class.

Successful Training

A successful training session will increase the primary statistic you invested the training point in by one (Success = Stat + 1). You will see something similar to below:

Well Done!

After dedicating yourself to your training, you were able to raise your {primary stat}! This just goes to show that hardwork and perseverence pay off!

Failed Training

A failed training session results in the loss of your taining point and no gain to the primary statistic you were training in (Failure = Stat + 0). You will see something similar to below:

Oh no!

While you were training your {primary stat} you got distracted and lost track of time! You were unable to complete your training!

Boon Training Session

A bonus while training is what everyone desires! Occasionally, your hero will be so in tune with their training that they will receive a bonus increase with no additional cost.

While bonuses have a higher chance of happening when training a stat that is considered important for your class, you can have a boon training session on any stat on any class if fate favors you (Boon training = Stat + 2). Boon training sessions will result in something similar to below:


After dedicating yourself to your training, you were able to raise your {primary stat}!

You were so focused and training came so naturally to you, that you excelled at your training and raised it more than you expected!

Health/Mana/Stamina Increases

When training your stats, your pools for health, mana, and stamina will increase automatically. When you train your vitality, it affects both your health and stamina. Training your spirit will affect your mana. Each one increases as a roll against the stat, but also as modified by class. Each class excels at certain things and will affect their training as such.